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Obtaining the code

RooFit is bundled in the ROOT distribution starting with ROOT v5.02-00.

If you have an earlier ROOT version (3 or 4), or your wish to upgrade the RooFit version in your current ROOT installation you can download a new distribution from this web site.

Starting with the RooFit version 2 series, RooFit is distributed in a single ROOT installation kit package. Pick up a distribution set from the project files area. Depending on your ROOT version download the root4kit file (for ROOT3 and ROOT4) or the root5kit file (for ROOT5). The former file includes some extra make file fragments for the ROOT build system to recognize RooFit as a ROOT module and to understand its dependencies on other ROOT modules.

Installation instructions

RooFit can be compiled on any platform that is supported by ROOT (including MacOS and native Windows)

  • Untar the roofit_vXXX_root5kit.tar or roofit_vXXX_root4kit.tar file in $ROOTSYS
  • Execute make without any arguments.

NB: Your ROOT5 installation should be configured with the --enable-roofit flag.
If this has not been done, or you are not sure, you should run the ROOT configure script again (./configure PLATFORM_ID --enable-roofit. You can find the platform id of the previouse configure session in the file config.status).

To download the latest development version, you can check out the CVS head ffrom SourceForge. You can find the complete instructions here. Will need to check out the modules named RooFitCore and RooFitModels.

Recommended version

As of 13/07/2005 we recommend the following tags

  • Production: V02-00-05
  • Development: CVS HEAD

Loading the libraries

In your ROOT session load the RooFit libraries as follows

   root> gSystem->Load("libMinuit") ; // ROOT4 only
   root> gSystem->Load("libRooFit") ;
   root> using namespace RooFit ;

Now you are ready to use RooFit. If you have never used RooFit before, have a look at the introductory tutorial and it's example macros.

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