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Recommended versions

As of 13/07/2005 we recommend the following tags

  • Production: V02-00-05
  • Development: CVS HEAD

Use the production version, unless you know that you need features or fixes only available in the development version.

Release notes for current and past versions


  • V02-00-05 - New major release series. RooFit now repackaged as ROOT module and built using ROOT makefile (Release Notes)
  • V01-09-02 - Maintenance release, collection of small bug fixes (Release notes)
  • V01-09-01 - Major new release with many new features and accumulated bug fixes (Release notes)
  • V01-00-04 - Mostly bug fixes, some new features (Release notes)
  • V01-00-03 - Bug fixes and new features (Release notes)
  • V01-00-02 - Maintenance release (Release notes)
  • V01-00-01 - First version available for public release


CVS web interface

The greatest level of detail in version tracking is provided by the CVS web interface

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