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NEW! The RooFit Users Manual

As part of the ongoing overhaul of the RooFit documentation a new RooFit Users Manual is as of Jan. 2006 available here. The 70 page manual is a pedagogical document for beginning and intermediate users with the following contents

  1. Installing RooFit
  2. Getting Started
  3. Signal and Background - Composite Models
  4. Choosing and adjusing standard p.d.f. components
  5. Convolving a p.d.f. or function with another p.d.f.
  6. Using many observables - Multidimensional models
  7. Correlations in multi-dimensional models
  8. (Discrete variables)
  9. (Multiple datasets and simultaneous fitting)
  10. (Organizational tools - Setting up a complex analysis)
  11. (Common issues, pitfalls and their solutions)
  12. Appendix A - Quick reference guide
  13. (Appendix B - Selected statistical issues)
  14. (Appendix C - RooFit class structure)

Sections in parentheses are planned and will only be available in the next edition. The two principal components of the original RooFit documentation are


Class Reference

If you are new to RooFit, start with the introductory tutorial to learn the basic interface.

Example macros that come with each tutorial illustrate the concepts and provide working examples.

The class reference is auto-generated from the source code and is the authorative reference on the public interface for each class. Inline comments in the code are translated The version on the RooFit web site is always of the latest version released.

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